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Big Time Exterminator
Big Time Exterminator
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Big Time Exterminator

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Mechanical Enzymatic Killer

Protect your valuable plants and get “Big Time” results without spending big dollars. Big Time Exterminator is the most cost-effective way to keep your plants free of harmful pests! Highly concentrated formulation – 1 quart makes up to 8 gallons Ready to Use mix! Leaves behind NO odor or residue! Mechanical killing action – pests have no resistance!

  • 99.999% Organic (0.01% Potassium Sorbate)
  • May use daily up to the day of harvest
  • Mechanical Action Destroys Bugs, Larvae, and Eggs!
  • Destroys root aphids!
  • Safe for all Plant, Animal, and Marine Life... Not Insects!
  • Effective on all hard and soft-bodied PESTS, including spider mites and broad mites!!

Our formula is self surfacting and patent pending.

DO NOT SPRAY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Safe for plants, humans, and pets. ELIMINATES PESTS.

For multiple 275 gallons and larger orders, please email or call us at (800)-974-3102.

25(B) Exempt may be used on organic crops. Breaks down to inert within 48 hours of application. Don’t damage your crops with oils and alcohols in flowering. Use Big Time Exterminator!!

West coast shipping is included in the price of all products, products shipping east of Colorado may incur an extra shipping charge. 55 Gallon Drums ship by freight.

Additional Information

Foliar Spray: Use at 30-175ml per gallon on fast flowering annuals up to 2-3 days before harvest as a miticide or fungicide. Spray after sunset or with lights off after room temp has stabilized. Increased air circulation and or ventilation is recommended if past week 5. Monitor PH of final spray solution, 6.0-7.0 is ideal.

Root Drench: Use at 5-20ml per gallon as a root drench to kill root aphids and fungus gnats. Regular treatment is necessary for eradication to occur. Does not affect soil microbes.

How to Effectively Control Russet / Broad Mites: Use atomizer to pre-clean plants with ice water. Russet’s hate temps below 45F. Pre-removal of microscopic dirt and debris and organic matter removes places for russets and other microscopic pests to hide.

Let water dry 30-45 minutes. Use atomizer to spray with Big Time Exterminator. Start with a dilution rate of 80ml per gallon. Cold water may increase efficacy.

Repeat 1x daily for 10-14 days, Then as needed to control the population.

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